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Hello there, and thank you in advance for the trickery or treat-giving to come!

Before anything else, let me just say, in case assignments go out before I get home from work tomorrow and finish it, that because I signed up at almost the last minute right now this letter is still a work in progress other than the entries I could copy from last year and the first couple sections I was able to write before bed. Edit: Everything except Umineko is now complete, and nobody offered to create for that so I can at least be sure you have something for what we matched on (though I will be updating that part to, for anyone who wants to treat it, it's just gonna be a long section since there's a bunch of characters so I wanted to get everything else up first)! Sorry again for how long it took, life kept being lifey on me.

I tried to give you a wide range of things to work with, so hopefully one of the things I asked for works for you! I might have more to say about some characters than others but please don’t think that would mean I’d be unhappy to get something about anyone else; if I asked for a character I very much want to see more of them I just don’t necessarily have specific plots in mind.

First of all... )
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Hello there, and thank you in advance for the trickery or treat-giving to come!

I tried to give you a wide range of things to work with, so hopefully one of the things I asked for works for you! I might have more to say about some characters than others but please don’t think that would mean I’d be unhappy to get something about anyone else; if I asked for a character I very much want to see more of them I just don’t necessarily have specific plots in mind.

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Dear Yuletide Writer,

Sorry again about being laggy about getting my letter up! First thing I want to say is if you were matched on a fandom I have less to say about don't think that means I want it any less than the others. In fact, there was one fandom I'd meant to request all year long only to have a brainfart and forget that while I was filling out the form, but when I went back to edit and switch out one of the requests I did make for it I found that I couldn't stand to remove any of them even for something that had been a set choice before.

Onward with the letter! )
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Yuletide Santa;

Sorry I don't have my letter up yet! I'm going to be writing it tomorrow, I thought it wouldn't matter I was lagging since I thought we had a few more days! Sorry again.
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I'm auctioning off fic for Hurricane Sandy Aid if anyone would be interested! right over here, I'm offering 100 words of fic per dollar donated with no upper limit, any of my usual fandoms but you can ask after any of the bajillion other fandoms I've written. If you want something featuring the same characters or pairings as whatever you've already seen me write chances are the answer would be yes. If you want the POV of a chipper young girl that's pretty likely too, goodness knows I can babble on in a Yuffie or Rikku-style voice all day long with glee if given the chance.
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Jesus, we're coming up on the two year anniversary of my mom's death and now my grandma's in the hospital. What a time for it.

(It's nothing huge, she had a heart irregularity they checked her in for, only to work out that the problem is she majorly overuses her inhaler which makes her heart race. The problem is that she treats the thing like it's anxiety medication of something; she gets stressed, she breathes heavier, she takes a puff off her inhaler because breathing more heavily makes her think she's having trouble breathing. And she's a worrywort, so she gets anxious often.

But man is this leaving everyone stressed out.)
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Huh, AO3 just gave away who my Not Primetime recipient is gonna be, provided that mods don't shuffle my match around while they're trying to find fits for everyone before the assignments actually go out. I was just posting a new work and it had the Open Assignments box with a match in it. Never had that happen before!

Unfortunately it doesn't give me any type of head start on writing, since I still don't know what their request was (though I can at least guess which fandom I matched on based on their profile).
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I don't know if anyone reading this follows the Homestuck fandom (last year's team A♥E are you still following your friends pages?) but if you have any interest this year's shipping olympics just opened for sign-ups!

I had loads of fun with the challenge last year and have been looking forward to it starting back up for months now! It's a contest where you make fanworks of any type for your favorite pairing to earn points, but the focus is less on winning for your team than on having loads of new fanwork to enjoy across all of them (and on stretching your own limits during the optional bonus rounds, which do things like give you certain types of mediums to work in and make you focus on different pairings).
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Pimping a couple of fic exchanges that are in sign-ups or nominations right now that I'm looking forward to and y'all might enjoy too:

Not Primetime ([community profile] npt_admin) is for fandoms that are too large for the [community profile] yuletide rare fandom exchange but which are still small enough or slow enough that you still feel like you can't find enough. It's in the sign-up stages so you can no longer nominate new fandoms or characters, but you can check over the tag set to see if there's anything you'd want to request/offer.

Even more exciting for me, as a huge rare-pairing shipper, is The Rare Ship Swap (shipswap @ livejournal), which is like Yuletide except for rare pairings. And that one is open for nominations, so if you're like me and spend a depressing amount of time searching for fic for pairings that just doesn't seem to exist you can add them in! (Or check if it's already there over here)
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Title: Bed Head
Fandom: Final Fantasy X
Pairing: Lulu/Rikku
Rating: G
Notes: Written for [community profile] no_true_pair for the prompt "morning routine"

Lulu woke, as she often had in recent days, to slender fingers carding through her hair )
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Somehow in all these years I never ran into the fact that they designed a full set of Gil coins for Spira. Aw, 100 gil has a chocobo on it.

And suddenly I feel so very sorry for Tidus, Yuna, and co for how much money I usually have them carting around by the end of the game. That's gotta suck in a world without paper currency. The strange things you run into while anally comparing characters hair colors for a throw-away line in a ficlet. (Results of this research: the character whose hair color is closest to Lulu's? Seymour's mom, oddly enough. Everyone else with really dark hair tends to be a touch browner or greyer than true black.)
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It's funny how over time you can start to care less about ficcing weird things.

A while back, when I first discovered [profile] disney_kink, I wrote a Boo/Sulley (from Monsters Inc.) story for someone, and at the time I was all "Man, I am never ever ever admitting that I wrote an even slightly erotic story featuring someone who was a toddler in canon, even if she is aged-up." Though shipping (aged-up unless it's very innocent) young characters is something I usually don't mind, and major age-gaps are one of my kinks, apparently I draw a line when "young"="all-but preverbal"

Now, about a year-and-a-half later, I reread it on a whim since I couldn't remember the story at all and suddenly "Huh, I actually like this enough not to feel horribly embarrassed. It needs a couple of typos fixed, but... *posts on AO3*"
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I've never been the type of person to get headaches from the cameras in video games before, but I've finally gotten FFXIII (just a few years late *g*) and my god is it giving me a migraine.

I think it's just the specific area Snow's in right now (I'm only in the second chapter, so he's in the house of stairs place, and argh the way the camera keeps bobbing up and down when he's on stairways and I need to keep twisting it one-eighty to go back around sidepaths to check for chests which then involve more bobbing...) because my brain only starts pounding when he's on screen, so hopefully I won't have to put up with this for long, because otherwise I might seriously need to return the game because it's too painful for me to play and just watch all the cutscenes on Youtube to get the plot.
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Man, I feel like shit today which sucks. I had to call in to work today which sucks even worse; I was really hoping I wouldn't have to do that until I'd been around a lot longer than a month and a half, so it would be clear I'm not the type of person who calls in over every little thing. What's especially annoying is that the problem is I've managed to food poison myself and I know what I ate to do it and I know I should have known better. Blargh.
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Most of my fanfiction is only at at my account here but there are a couple (Final Fantasy VI, Touch the Sky, Final Fantasy XII, Engaging Correspondence, and Final Fantasy X, Strong Like the Mountain) that are only at my AO3 account here.
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I usually don't post about amvs I make here (actually, I don't think I ever have), but Premiere gave me so much trouble with this one that I decided "Grr, I deserve to pimp this around a little after the trouble I had with it."

So! I made Homestuck AMV to the song Dead Hearts by Stars. Enjoy, if you think you might! (Even if you don't know Homestuck, you might want to check it out just for the song if you've never heard it before; it's a pretty one.)
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Finally bothered importing my livejournal over here, just 'cause I was starting to fill out the inkingitout introduction, got to the bit about what's in my journal, and was like '...Uh, one fic that I had to keep on DW for a week before I could post it somewhere else; I only use it for a few challenge communities' and figured I might as well get around to changing that.