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Thank you for writing for me this year! I hope that you'll find something that sparks your interest in whichever fandom you matched me on this year!

I generally prefer lighter fic, fluff and comedy and happy things, but don't feel that you need to force your fic in that direction. I will ask that if you can please aim for an ending that is happy, or at least hopeful. An unrelenting angst parade down into unending misery without any light at all really is not my thing.

Pairings-wise, if a pairing I mentioned doesn't work for you I'd much rather you write gen than try to force it. You're even welcome to write them in relationships with other characters if you like. And if there are any other characters you want to work in that I didn't request feel free to do so!

Genre-wise, I'm not generally a fan of major AUs or crossovers. By "major" AUs I mean things like high school or modern day AUs, where the characters are transposed into a hugely different setting. I'm more open to AUs exploring how the story's world and the character's places in it would be different if some event in it's history were changed. I'd also really rather not get something that's pure porn, I don't read that much porny fic to begin with and would generally rather get plot or character introspection over sex (although the story containing sex is fine! I'd just rather in not be a PWP fic). I like futurefic as long as it's not purely focused on the characters being domestic with kids (I don't mind them having kids, I just get bored by futurefic that focuses totally on the characters' being parents).

I like both plotty and character-centric stories (or character-centric plot!). I like missing scenes fic. Not a big fan of canon scenes from a different viewpoint unless you can do it in a way that really twists how the original scene is viewed. I'll admit that I love catching little references to canon sprinkled into a story, nots to previous episodes or quests or whatnot.

WARNING: All of these requests contain major spoilers! Well, except for The Thrilling Adventure Hour. If you're thinking of trying one of these canons or haven't finished one yet and mind spoilers you should skip that section.

Long Live the Queen
Arisse, Elodie
I'd love to see something focused on Arisse. I included Elodie too because some politicy fic involving both would be fun, but you can leave her out if you'd prefer. We hear so much about her, but see so little of her in the flesh! Was Lillah always the most powerful duchy and Arisse was just both lucky enough to inherit it and savvy enough to keep it powerful, or was it just a standard duchy when she took over and it was all her political skills that built it up until she was powerful enough to be called Nova's Eastern Queen?

Then there's her second husband. Presumably she married him out of love, since he was a commoner with no political advantage to the match. What was her view of the way things went down with him? Kevan says that she rejected him as well after finding out they were sleeping together, but considering that he still talks about that relationship as if it were consensual (side note: if you do touch on it, please don't write them as if it were consensual, Kevan was 11 at the oldest when that man became his father, young enough that even if he kept his hands off Kevan for years there are massive power issues at play there) I'm tempted to believe that he views her having the man killed as a rejection of them both instead of her going mama bear for his sake. So I'd be interested in seeing that whole mess from her eyes, or how it felt to have Kevan flee her home after she killed her husband to protect him. Does she ever try to bring him home, or is she too proud to?

Alternately, I'd like to see something where Elodie turns to Arisse as an advisor by choice, instead of being forced into it by a civil war. This can be after the game or during it, there were certainly more than enough events in the game where consulting the second most powerful woman in the kingdom might have been a smart move! Advice on how to deal with a family member who keeps trying to assassinate you, for one thing. Or, does Arisse spend a great deal of time side-eyeing Elodie if she marries Kevan, or Adair, or has a grand romance with Briony, trying to determine if Elodie chose her sons/granddaughter as some type of political move against her?

Scooby Doo! Mystery Incorporated
Mayor Fred Jones Sr.

I'd love to see something focused on Mayor Jones in either world. Was he at all consciously aware that he loved Fred, or was it a surprise even to himself when he chose saving him over the treasure at the end of season one? He did apparently view any potential future kids Fred might have as his grandkids, and wanted them (the episode where he arranged a date for Fred and Daphne because he'd never get grandkids if Fred was left to his own devices). How long did it take his inner goodness to fully get trapped in the sitting room? Were there ever times that he gained back enough control to try to fix what he'd done to the Chiles family only to have it slip away again before he managed to do anything? Or something focused on him coming up with that whole plan; what thought process do you follow to decide the best possible path is kidnapping a baby and holding him hostage all his life?

Or something with him in the new world created at the end of the show. What does it feel like having part of him that he doesn't understand looking at Fred and seeing a son? Honestly, the one thing I hated in the finale was that, after a whole long plot arc of Fred coming to realize that Mayor Jones is the one he sees as his dad in spite of everything, he wasn't Freddy's father in the supposedly perfect world, so I'd love to see fix-it fic for that! Not him magically biologically becoming Fred's dad, of course, but Brad and Judy were really young when they had Fred so it wouldn't be surprising if they put him up for adoption. Maybe all of them having the weird feeling that Coach Jones is the one the baby should be with?

Okage: Shadow King

I have loved Linda ever since this game first came out! She's so cute, and cheery, and so enthusiastically takes her 'Coach's awful advice! Maybe you could write something during her rise as an Evil King? Does she really understand that she's only found fame through brainwashing (or, more to the point, that it means nobody actually likes her)? Even though she doesn't show it, it seems like that would be a pretty bitter feeling; having everyone suddenly love her when it's not really her singing they love when she's spent so long trying to hard out there on her street corner.

Or, post-canon, can she gain that fame back if she keeps working her butt off (and hopefully get a vocal coach)? She was managing to gain fans even before coming into her evil king powers, she mentions them bringing her food when she's out busking. Does she keep writing her songs following Stan's advice or does she go back to trying to write music that's more widely appealing? Even if she was just a cult hit I bet that she could find a niche for 'adorable girl sings evil songs'! Does she still even want to be a singer a few years down the line, or with the classification system destroyed does she find something she likes even more? Or you could use her to explore how weird I'm sure that would be, spending your whole life with this one path in front of you that you never stray from, becoming the only thing you ever could be, only to suddenly gain the ability to want to do this other thing with your life instead then go out and do it.

If you're interested in shipping, I do love her ridiculous crush on Stan, and I also have a soft spot for her coming to appreciate Ari as he is, but gen is totally fine; if I were so shippy about them that I really wanted it I would have requested one of them too. :-) (And I do like Epros too, I just don't know that I could ever see him reciprocating her crush while Stan and Ari both seemed more open to her.)

Dangan Ronpa
Asahina Aoi, Hagakure Yasuhiro, Naegi Makoto

Bad ending threesome fic! I honestly don't have much else to add to this request, I just really really want to see how that relationship happened. I would greatly prefer that the answer isn't 'Men have needs, there're only two women here, and Touko's completely nuts', but rather the three of them gradually genuinely coming together into a relationship. That doesn't mean it has to be healthy by any means, with just five people left trapped in the murder school where they never even get their memories back or learn what's going on outside to give them something to ground them I imagine all the relationships are pretty lonely and desperate. Maybe Makoto and Hina are first drawn together because they both have someone among the dead students they'd rather be with? Maybe they first start drawing Hagakure in because the poor guy has no one else? Hell, if you want it could start out as a way of lashing out at Monokuma, the bastard bear wants their misery and having sex/orgasming is the least miserable they can get in that place.

The Thrilling Adventure Hour
Sadie Doyle

Oh my god. Sadie might be my favorite character in anything ever. The moment I realized I would love her character always was at the end of the second episode of Beyond Belief when she sees Nightmares the Clown for the first time and sounds as thrilled as a child at the clown and goes on to giddily tease him.

Sadie: Oh look, Frank, he's walking towards me- do not slip on a banana peel! I secretly hope that he does slip on a banana peel!
Frank: Sadie please, do not taunt the nightmare clown monster.
Sadie: Oh, or what, he'll get in a small car with all his other clown friends and drive away? Oh, they can use the high-occupancy vehicle lane!
Nightmares: Really, I'm not that kind of clown.
Sadie: Oh, no clown friends? Sad clown.
Nightmares: I am not a sad clown!
Sadie: Oh, look at his feet Frank, they're comically overlarge! You may not actually need a banana peel to trip and land upon your bottom. Oh! Oh, may I squeak your nose Mr. Clown? Honk! Honk! That's what it would sound like, honk.

You could honestly write a thousand words of her just chatting, and coming up with silly lists and naming her favorites of things and I would be happy, but adventures would also be well received! With or without Frank, I love their relationship but Sadie's the one I really want to see focused on so she's the one I requested. I'd be especially happy if you trawled folklore for some rarer creature for her or them to face off against, or if you'd like you could pick some children's book or fairy tale for a crossover to twist in that Beyond Beliefy way. One of my early favorite episodes was the one with the Bens' twisted version of Peter Pan.

Something set when she was young could also be fun. Little Sadie with the nightly shows her ghostly grandparents put on for her, or slightly older Sadie having boarding school adventures.

Broken Age
Vella Tartine, Mother

The thing I'm most looking forward to in Act Two is seeing these two meet, and I'd love to see something where I didn't have to wait! What's Mother's reaction going to be to Shay vanishing and being replaced with this strange girl? I can't believe it'd be pretty! Yet at the same time she implies during the story that she herself was once one of the sacrificial maidens (or some kind of sacrifice anyway, it might not be for the same thing) before being turned into an AI, one who like Vella was not happy about it. Instead of Mother snapping could she instead feel a connection with Vella over that?

I do like the theory that this is all a continuing cycle of "space boys" unwittingly capturing "sacrifice girls" and then one of the girls being chosen to become the AI for the next baby sent out in the Mog ship, but that would mean Mother is more aware of what's been going on than she lets on. Which certainly could explain her increasing antsiness through the game, if she knew Shay getting sick of life on the ship was a sign that the "rescue missions" were going to start up and was trying to stop it from happening. Would Vella be surprised to find she liked the weird sun lady inside of the horrible monster if it turned out Mother would rather stop Mog Chathra too?

And, of course, while the above suggestions are all nicer ones you can also feel free to have Mother completely snap over losing Shay and taking it out on this new girl who showed up when he vanished and presumably had something to do with it. In fact, it would be kind of hilarious if you wanted to take a horror turn where the monsters stalking Vella under Mother's control are all adorable knit stuffed animals. Maybe with special guest star Grabbing Gary!

Thank you again for writing for me! I look forward to seeing what you come up with.
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