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Hello there, and thank you in advance for the trickery or treat-giving to come!

I tried to give you a wide range of things to work with, so hopefully one of the things I asked for works for you! I might have more to say about some characters than others but please don’t think that would mean I’d be unhappy to get something about anyone else; if I asked for a character I very much want to see more of them I just don’t necessarily have specific plots in mind.

First of all, a few general likes and dislikes. I prefer stories that aren’t 100% doom and gloom, it’s fine to go to dark places but I’d like the characters to get at least some light and not just angst away. Likewises, I’d prefer endings that at least have a note of hope in them. No non-con, please, or AUs where there world of the canon is totally changed. AUs where just some specific detail is changed and you explore how it changes how things go are A-OK though! (In other words, to pull an example from the most well-known of my requests. I’d rather not get “The Simpsons in Space!” but “Mona Simpson Never Abandoned Homer” would be fine by me.) And I’d rather not have pure plotless porn. And I'd rather not get anything with a first person POV please.

I like slice-of-life stories scenes exploring moments that must have happened during the canon but we didn’t get to see. If you write a shipping fic and don’t get with the pairing already being established I like slow-building romances. I have a soft-sport for couples finding a short moment of peace together when everything’s going to hell around them. But shipfic and gen are both equally welcome; in each section I’ll give you a list of pairings I like out of the characters I requested and then specific prompts just for each character that you can work romance into or not as you desire. If you go the trickery route I wouldn’t want something that’s just a straight gore-fest unless there’s plot around it to explain why everyone’s being ripped to shreds, but other than that I’m opened for pretty much anything; psychological horror, body horror, one of the characters dying and showing back up as a ghost, monsters or folkloric creatures showing up, whatever floats your boat! The prompts I give are mostly in the order of supernatural critters but that’s just because horror outside of them is so wide-ranging that I have trouble coming up with specific prompts, but I am Miss Survival Horror girl so don’t think that means I wouldn’t want you dipping into something more directly scary. The one weird request I’ll make is that if any corpses show up please don’t have any detailed depictions of maggots in them, I have a (very stupid, I know, I know) phobia of worms.

Now for specifics! I'd recommend ctrl+fing for whatever fandom you matched on, because I gave ever character I requested an individual block of prompts and that got long fast. At first I tried keeping tricksy and treatsy ones separate, but as it goes further they get more mushed together 'cause this is long and I'm le tired~ (I must take a nap before firing ze shit).

Avatar: The Last Airbender
Toph Beifong Iroh (Avatar) Mai (Avatar) Ty Lee (Avatar) Yue (Avatar) Katara (Avatar)
For most of these characters I'd prefer post-series works to anything set during or before it, with an exception for Iroh since there's so much of his past life we never got to see and Yue if you feel like writing her as a person instead of as the moon. Feel free to go AU from Korra as much as you'd like while plotting out how life goes for them, I've only seen the first 6 episodes of the series so I'm totally not looking for something that strictly complies to it.

Shipping Options: Older!Toph/Iroh (I know I know I know I’m terrible), Mai/Ty Lee, Mai/Katara, Toph/Katara, (I like Zuko/Mai too but didn’t want Zuko as a main character so I didn’t ask for him, but if you’re a shipper of them you’re free to go there)

Toph: Anything with her kicking ass, having adventures, and desperately avoiding going home again (but whether she ultimately does or not is up to you, I welcome reconciliation or one post-series recapturing attempt too many making her decide that they’ve lost their chance at a daughter.) Or something where she has to deal with becoming the head of the Beifong family after the deaths of her parents. If they die before she ever sees them again how does that go when most people never even knew they had a daughter? And just how much does she laugh in the face of anyone insisting that in her position she has to get married? On the tricksy side, are there any ghosts lurking around that big old manor of theirs?

Ty Lee: I mostly requested Ty Lee for one reason: I hate her ending in the series. I’m glad she has friends and it’s not like I don’t want her to find a place to belong, but when her backstory is ‘one in a bunch of identical sisters who desperately wanted to establish her identity outside of the crowd’ it very much rubbed be the wrong way that they give her a throw-away ending becoming one in a crowd of women who all dress and paint the faces identically and fight in the same way’ no matter how much I like the warriors. Exactly what else she does is up to you! Going back to the circus would be find by me, or declaring herself Zuko’s official court jester whether he wants it or not, or going on random adventures (heck, she could join Toph above in the random adventuring, now there would be a pair). Tea girl at the reopened Jasmine Dragon secretly really playing bodyguard to Iroh at Zuko’s request? Trickery: Ty Lee, monster tamer! Or something creepy involving her contortions.

Mai: I know she’s a character a lot of people dislike but I just love Mai. I’m afraid she’s one of the characters I don’t have much in the way of actual prompts for though, I just really love her and would be happy to get anything involving her. She can wind up Fire Lady or not as you wish, these kids are teenagers so I’m totally okay with their relationships crashing and burning. Tricksy fic with her being totally deadpan in the face of whatever horrors you could throw at her, like some less foolish version of the youth in the fairy tales about the boy who went out to learn what fear was?

Iroh: Like I said, with him I’d be happy to get anything either before or after the canon. Once upon a time was he more similar to his father and brother? If so how did he mellow? His wife and son, his son’s death, spending so much of his life out among the common man during his military career? If he was always a nice guy were enemies who had a chance to meet him startled to find that the Fire Nation’s fearsome general/heir apparent was this cheerful man? Was there decent hunk of the enemy nations looking forward to the day he’d take the throne because anyone who had a chance to see him and walked away spread the word that he was so much better than the rest of his family only to have that small hope ripped away? He seems to have spent most of his life traveling around, first as part of waging war and then with Zuko, so will he really be content to live out his days pouring tea or will wanderlust start niggling at him one day? AUwise I know some people used to theorize that what Azulon really ordered Ozai to do before his death was give Zuko to Iroh to be his new heir after Lu Ten’s death, what would life have been like if that had happened? Tricksy: supernatural visitors to the tea house, time among the dragons. I know that he winds up in the spirit world, so life there that doesn’t get spoilery. Do he and Yue ever hang out?

Katara: Again, I have not seen almost any of Korra, so whatever reveals we get about her life after A:tLA do not need to be stuck to. I’m not a big fan of her with Aang (I’m fine with them during the series, but any pairing that’s made out to be lifelong love when the characters are teenagers makes me go ‘...not likely.’) so even what we learn in the bit I know can be tossed out. Katara traveling around with or without Aang after the series, trying to help people come to terms with being at peace with the Fire Nation from the point of view of someone who both knows what it’s like to be so angry with them that it seems like you can never let it go but also that there are plenty of good people among them if you’re willing to open your eyes to them as more than just the boogieman. Or going back for more training in the Northern Water Tribe, maybe helping nudge some of the other girls there to learn more than just healing. Tricksy: Katara in a situation where despite her vow to never do it again she’s forced to bloodbend to survive. Or, if you want to go more gruesome, she’s only able to both escape from a situation with her life and keep her promise to herself to never use someone’s blood to control them again by instead straight out ripping the blood from their body. Or, if you do want to keep her and Aang together, Katara as the wife of an Avatar in peacetime, having spirits with various issues showing up at all hours to get his Avatarly help.

Yue: One character who’s much more suited to tricks than treats. What’s it like being a human who becomes a spirit. Is it a struggle to keep any part of her own mind against the part of her that is the mood? Does it feel as if the human part of her’s being devoured? Or if her mind remains more her human self than not does she find herself unequipped to deal with the spirit world, unaware of the dangers out there who’d probably be happy to twist the spirit of the moon to their own ends? What are things like with La? Her taking Tui’s place was enough to appease his wrath, but she’s not his moon even if his waters now move to her pull.

Yukimura Chizuru Harada Sanosuke (Hakuouki) Nagakura Shinpachi (Hakuouki) Senhime Shiranui Kyo
As you can probably guess by the characters listed, I like Harada's route best. :-) Smooshy-faced fluff post-ending would be great, but so would trickery about demons continuing to come after them or Chizuru's demonic nature leading to issues in the future (the most obvious possibility being her lifespan being different).

I should also say that I have only played the game, not seen the anime or read the manga. Since it's sorted in both places I really hope that if you matched on this one you signed up knowing the game version, since my requests are heavy on a route the others don't follow.

Shipping Options: Chizuru/Harada, Chizuru/Sen, Harada/Shiranui, Chizuru/Harada/a threesome with any of the other characters requested (I know Harada/Nagakura’s popular, but I only like them as BFFs unless Chizuru’s also involved)

Chizuru: In her life post-game does anything ever drive her to go into full-on demonic mode? Considering how much stress and damage she can go through without going all white haired and hornsy it’d have to be a pretty awful situation! Chizuru actually getting proper fighting training so she can make real use of her demonic traits, for goodness sakes people. I didn’t list it under pairings without Harada about because I’m only interested in it in this one specific scenario, but I’m a little drawn to the idea of Chizuru/Shiranui if the demons had successfully kidnapped her in chapter two when she’s on Harada’s route. At this point she’s not had any of her worse confrontations with her so her experience with him has been seeing him being willing to listen to her and leave everyone in peace and Harada, who’s opinion on people she trusts, having a weirdly almost friendly rivalry with him, and if she is going to be used as breeding stock than, damnit, she is going to latch on to the one member of the group who might possibly be decent (no offense to Amagiri, she just doesn’t know him) and hope to god he’ll keep the others at bay. Maybe an AU where she does willingly go along with Sanan, not necessarily letting him turn her into a full-on guinea pig (unless you’re feeling especially tricksy) but at least providing him with a steady stream of her blood to experiment on... then hope it doesn’t set him off. If she ever gets a bit more in touch with her demonic heritage (with Sen’s help, perhaps?) does she learn that other supernatural creatures are real too?

Harada and Nagakura: (grouping them together because otherwise I’d be repeating myself a lot) How about backstory fic about when Harada sliced himself open? We get the vague retelling of it but it would be interesting to see more in-depth. A story set outside of Harada’s route of him and Nagakura continuing to fight together, or of them reuniting after it. Something focusing on Nagakura after he’s left alone; does he ever learn that they were abandoning him to save the people of Edo? Or an AU where they do tell him that’s what they’re doing and he comes with them. A scene of Harada and/or Nagakura (and Chizuru if she’s there), learning what happened to the Shinsengumi, that the dreams they had of Kondo weren’t just dreams. Does Kondo’s ghost ever show up to either of them again, or those of any of the others? Historically Saitou survives under an alias so theoretically he should whether you take his route or not, do either of them ever run into him again?

Senhime: We know just how sought after pureblooded female demons are, so what was it like for Sen growing up knowing her heritage and having it be known? She’s such a bright and cheery girl, was it had to maintain that while always having to being on the lookout for anyone who might try to kidnap her due to what she is? While I do ship them, I’d also love just anything of her and Chizuru (Kimi would be welcome too) hanging out being friends, they don’t get nearly enough of that in the game!

Shiranui: Something pre-canon with him and Takasugi? Or him watching the Choshu gradually moving away from the ideals that had made Takasugi join them after his death, a counterpoint to the same thing happening to the Shinsengumi? To me, even though the game follows Chizuru’s romance with the guy of your choice, Shiranui’s feelings towards his dead friend are the purest depiction of love in the story (whether you want it to be romantic or platonic). The way his death sours Shiranui on the whole human race because it hurts so much to get close to one just to have them die, but how he keeps fighting for these humans he doesn’t care about because Takasugi had been on their side (and ultimately buggers off when they stray too far from his friend’s ideals) is all very sweet. Or anything postgame, does he ever find a place to comfortably fit in? As with Sen and Chizuru there’s all sorts of trickery you could get up to with his demonic nature, especially since he’s the one who most enjoys how it sets him apart from humanity.

Super Mario & Related Fandoms
Koopa | Bowser Princess Peach (Nintendo)
I'm a horrible horrible person who totally ships Bowser and Princess Peach like burning. But only in the RPG games s-so hopefully if you offered this wanting to write romance you did so being familiar with goofy Paper Mario/Super Mario and Luigi/Super Mario RPG Bowser and not just the more straight villainous take of him in the platformers.

However, if turtle-human romance is not your thing than any version is fine! Let him be as evil or as goofy as you want.

Like I said, I ship Bowser/Peach, but seriously do not feel like you need to write that if you matched on this, goodness knows that I would never expect anyone to write a girl being romanced by a villain who is also a giant firebreathing turtle if they weren’t already into it.

Bowser: Even if there’s no romance, I do always like the canon versions where Bowser’s genuinely in love (or at least has a giant crush) on Peach. How about a plan going right for him? Does he get super paranoid when it looks like the Mario brothers are effectively out of the picture, because they always show up? You could go as dark with a Bowser wins scenario as you want, especially if you set it after a game like Galaxy where he’s skewing especially evil, or you could go more goofy like “Bowser wins, now it’s time to go-kart all day!” Or a story about him plotting out his scheme from one of the games, some of those must have been pretty damn complicated to pull off! Or just a day in the life of ruling when he’s not trying to take over the Mushroom Kingdom; he must do normal kingly things sometimes!

Princess Peach: One fan theory I really like, if you wanted to run with it, is people noticing that her fire flower dress in 3D World is the same dress she wears way back in the original game where the only way to fight Bowser before you nab the axe is with fireballs, and decided that she was plotting to save her own self as soon as Bowser got too close if Mario hadn’t beaten her to it. Something of her becoming queen? Classist folks going “Okay, we know he’s the local hero but you can’t think you’ll be able to marry a common plumber, right?” Incredibly awkward meetings when Peach and Bowser have to come together (with or without other royalty about) for official country-running business outside of the constant kidnapping attempts?

I’m having trouble coming up with trickery prompts for those two, because I keep thinking of things the canon has already touched on at some point, lol. I mean, this is the series where Bowser was a zombie at one point! What was that like? But don’t think that means I’m not just as interested in tricky takes on them still.

Murdoc Niccals Noodle (Gorillaz) Cyborg Noodle Boogieman (Gorillaz)
Ahh, it is such a crying shame that the Plastic Beach plotline was cut short without ever getting to any kind of final confrontation! Remedying that would be swell, though if you'd like to focus on the happier times in the Demon Days era or the future we glimpse where somehow the Boogieman ends up living with the band would be equally welcome.

Shipping Options: Murdoc/Noodle (Demon Days or later only), Noodle/Cyborg Noodle, Noodle/music

Murdoc: Does Murdoc ever, ever, ever grow enough self-awareness to realize he actually likes being around the rest of the band and misses them when they’re not there (/are only there under duress)? His pirate radio broadcasts are this endless cycle of him becoming overwhelmingly lonely, drinking to take his mind off it, and then becoming even more lonely again. Something about baby Murdoc learning to use his words as weapons until he practically forgot how to use them as anything else. Something about one of his apparently terrible pre-Gorillaz bands. Even if you don’t ship them, I have a soft spot for the way Noodle is the one person Murdoc unambiguously cares about (a good show of that was in the lead-up to the Melancholy Hill video, if you followed his official twitter at the time you got the story for why he was out in the sub during it; someone sent him the clip at the beginning showing Noodle and the pirate attack and Murdoc rushed out in a blind panic to try to find and save her), what’s it like for a man with a heart as cold and crusty as Muds’ to suddenly find someone they actually give a damn about? Trickery: his wheelings and dealings with demons, and what happens if and when they finally catch up with him. Other supernatural means he tried to use to gain his fame before stumbling on the deal with the devil. His gradually losing his mind in the days before Plastic Beach. Pretending it wasn’t retconned, his attempts to search for and rescue Noodle in Hell.

Noodle: Something about her soldier instincts clashing with her choice to remain a mostly peaceful musician. Anything focusing on her completely love for music. A moment from her search for her past between the first and second phases. Adorable family times with whichever bandmembers you want. Her reaction to finding out she was replaced with a cyborg replica of herself. Taking on the cyborg as a little sister instead of being horrified by her (in which case no shipping them please)? Tricksy: Again pretending it wasn’t retconned away, her time in hell. The end to Rise of the Ogre implies that she was there doing something for Murdoc, what was it? Does anything ever active the codewords that turn her into a mindless force of destruction? Something dark dealing with her past as a child soldier, or of her time being hunted before Plastic Beach. The terror of the attack on the windmill island. Or something about her fight against pop culture zombies.

Cyborg Noodle: If going for a treat I’d rather she be portrayed sympathetically, please, I have a soft sport for this poor creature who was made to never be more than a replacement for someone else and who probably knows full well that Murdoc would ditch her in an instant in the real thing returned. Something about her developing her own personality. Maybe learning sign language so she’d be able to communicate since Murdoc went and built a gun into her mouth? Does anyone on the island ever treat her as a person? Tricksy: The Rhinestone Eyes storyboard implies that she actually does not like that Murdoc also programmed her to fight, if you assume that those are really tears her eyes are pouring and not her springing a leak, so what’s it like feeling your body going through the motions of being an ax-crazy killer when in your mind you don’t want to be doing this at all? The one little closing bit we were given about what went down on Plastic Beach is that she suddenly went nuts and had to be taken down (also, feel free to ignore that if you go for a treat), what if she was taken control of by the Boogieman at that point, or all the damage she’s taken made her glitch out, and she’s trapped inside herself fighting against it every step of the way?

Boogieman: Just, what’s his deal? The thing is was saddest we never got to learn! You can run with the things we’ve been told about him being the fifth horseman, the rider of flatulence, if you want or take things your own route. Since his deal with Murdoc seems to be something different than Murdoc’s original infernal contract for fame and El Diablo I’ve always theorize that he was the one who actually made or gave Murdoc the ability to make Cyber Doodle, since that is so far above what Muds seems capable of on his own, if you want to run with that. And how on earth does he wind up living peacefully with the band come DoYaThing?

The Simpsons
Lisa Simpson Sideshow Bob Maggie Simpson Nelson Muntz Bart Simpson
I probably don't have to say this since if you offered The Simpsons to begin with you probably feel comfortable with it, but please don't feel like you need to make something hilarious if you feel shaky writing humor, I have been there before and don't want to put anyone else in that position! As long as whichever characters you choose to use are recognizable as themselves (with the obvious exception of Maggie... uh, not because she needs to be funny, just because an older Maggie will be practically an original character) I don't care if they're a laugh a minute.

Shipping Options: Nelson/Lisa, far far far future Sideshow Bob/Bart

Lisa: Growing up trying to make the best of herself in spite of her family, the difficulties of trying to get ahead in life when you’re smart enough to make it but come from a family that’s poor enough to make doing so difficult. Sticking to jazz in spite of her stubby fingers. I have a giant soft spot for her as a stage magician after that episode about it, she just seems so happy learning new tricks and performing them for people. If we assume the foretelling was right then after the fortune teller told her the story of her first great doomed love does she just avoid the guy to not go through that, or does she let it play out knowing that they’re doomed but wanting to experience that love anyway? Nothing shipping her with Milhouse, please, not even mentions of them having a thing in the past.

Sideshow Bob: He could be the focus of a really dark trick if you want, but I’d also welcome something set during one of his periods of redemption. Does he ever reach a point where, even when he’s trying to be a good guy, he’s just kind of always on the lookout for whatever will inevitably drive him back to murder, be it Bart or no? How do things go once Maggie gets old enough to be involved in the fights against him, can he deal with the most hardcore badass Simpsons child of them all? A twisted look into his mind, this is a man who can slice off another person’s face and swap it with his own so his thoughts must go darker than we ever get to see on the surface. (Mind, you’re also free to ignore that he can go that dark, I know a lot of people prefer to ignore the face-swapping episode for going too dark.)

Maggie: I love anything about Maggie growing up continuing to be a gun-toting badass. I love it even more if the rest of the family continues to have no clue about this side of the baby of the family. Or, if you want to run with her apparently having a glorious singing voice, how did the family react when that showed up? Does Homer try to take credit since he did have a musical career once with the Be-Sharps? This is another where I don’t have much in the way of prompts, since Maggie’s future personality is so up to the writer that I don’t want to step on any heels.

Nelson: Something about him finding a spot for himself in the world, not feeling like he needs to hide his softer interests under his tough exterior. Anything about him letting folks see that squishier side. Finding something he’s really good at! Something depressing about his screwed up family. Something sweet about him pulling together a family he chooses for himself.

Bart: The futures we see for Bart tend to be almost inevitably downers, how about showing one where he actually does well for himself? Or something where he’s in high school and elective classes open up to him and he actually finds a subject he’s interested in at school. Does Lisa tease him about liking a class? Does he retain his French skills as he gets older and baffle all his teachers at how he’s able to get his high school language credit with ease when he struggles with so many other things?

Like with Mario I have trouble coming up with specifically tricksy prompts for the canon that don’t already show up in canon, but just run with whatever appeals to you!

The Transformers (IDW Generation One)
Starscream (Transformers IDW) Windblade (Transformers IDW) Arcee (Transformers IDW)
Transformers IDW was my surprise love of the last year, after finally giving into a friend's insisting that it didn't matter that the only Transformers franchise I've ever gotten into before was Beast Wars, I would totally adore it anyway.

Arcee was the first character that totally won me over but Starscream's machinations to make himself the rightful ruler of Cybertron was the plotline that really grabbed me interest in RiD and then Windblade shows up and shakes everything up while never meaning to.

Shipping Options: Starscream/Windblade (preferably on the dark side, I don’t like them fluffy and romantic as a pair but I do like them as a pair who don’t like each other yet are attracted to each other), Arcee/Windblade might be interesting

Starscream: Anything about how he took on so much more than he was expecting when he gained Cybertron, and more of his machinations to keep it under his control. A private moment of him kicking himself over and over about inadvertently giving Megatron the spite-filled will to twist his trail to his advantage. Something dark going deeper into his thoughts about having killed his only friend, is there ever a part of him that tortures himself by coming up with other ways that situation might have gone. Or an AU where he didn’t take that shot, is his reign any more stable with a decentish (he can admittedly be an ass) guy that Starscream trusts as much as he’s able to trust anyone nudging him towards being a better leader. Something speculating about how Starscream’s reign inevitably crumbles, as we know it must someday.

Windblade: The poor girl has so little time to actually have fun in her stories, how about something where she just gets to go out, explore Cybertron, see more of the good side of the world without Starscream breathing down her neck all the time? Or something sad, her processing what was up with Chromia at the end of her first miniseries, maybe missing Nautica since if she hadn’t taken off Windblade would have someone she’d feel comfortable talking about everything with. He’s not a nominated character so feel free to ignore it, but I love the sisterly role Windblade took with Waspinator and anything about that would be great. Or something tricksy about cityspeaking for a broken titan, it always felt to me like you could go somewhere dark with her dealing with all of Metroplex’s fragmented voices when she’s in contact with him.

Arcee: Arcee is another character that I don’t really have many prompts for, I just love her so much I’d love a story about her. She was the first character my heart grabbed onto when I started reading Robots in Disguise, this girl who’s so gleefully bloodthirsty yet on the side of good and gradually coming to fit better into that side without losing her edge.

The Princess Bride - William Goldman
Buttercup (Princess Bride) Westley (Princess Bride) Inigo Montoya
The first thing I really think I should say is that I would rather Buttercup and Westley NOT ultimately stay together. Like, as soon as they have time to sit down and talk outside of all the drama they're going to realize that they don't really know each other at all, the only thing they have in common is knowing how to milk a cow, and that teenage infatuation that they were never able to get over properly because of a sudden case of pirate attack turning them into each other's great lost love of their life is not the basis for a fulfilling mawwige.

Shipping Options: Westley/Inigo, temporary Westley/Buttercup, Westley/Inigo/Buttercup (I dunno, for some reason I’m a bit more open to them sticking together with a third person in there)

Buttercup: I should say, unlike many people who don’t expect them to last I do very much like Buttercup. In fact, it’s more for her sake than his that I don’t like them remaining together, it really bothers me how much of the dialog between them consists of Westley insulting her for being dumb inbetween the endearments. I know she’s not that bright but geeze, guy, you’re supposed to be wildly in love with her. Any stage of her life would be nice to see more of her from, running wild as a girl before love mucked up her life, or some stage of her quickly breezed over princessing lessons (she must have at least a little more brains than she’s usually given credit for to have been able to make it through those, or else had some incredibly patient teachers. Or, how about this; she was apparently wildly loved by the civilians, what if some of them try to start up a rebellion in her name when she runs away and leaves them with just their dickhead prince? Hey, the toughest men in the kingdom have already taken her at her word that she, she, she is the QUEEEEEEEEEN. Or, if Humperdinck gets killed in the nebulous post-canon time, will the actual queen (who seems a fairly pragmatic woman) attempt to get her back as the closest thing to an heir who’s actually still around, because better her than some distant cousin or getting absorbed by some foreign state? The world of the book might be just fairy taleish to allow it.

Westley: His days of Dread Pirate Robertsing it up. The book doesn’t really go into the fact that he must have an awful lot of innocent blood on his hands by the time he reunites with Buttercup since we hear nothing about Roberts no longer taking no prisoners (who don’t interest them with their politeness and swooning on about their lady loves), so something about that? A look at his training in any of the many things he learned over the years, like did he ever almost accidentally poison himself and terrify his crew? What’s the ships doctor think of he way he runs his body ragged? Post novel, does he retire and if so what does he do with his life? It seems like most potential jobs would probably bore him senseless, as would just lying around living off the wealth he earned at sea.

Inigo: Life after revenge, finding another way to be or, on the tricksy side, discovering that he doesn’t know how to live a life without revenge driving it. I’d rather he not end up the next Dread Pirate Roberts, though I know people often run with that line in the movie, because if there’s one thing his backstory in the book shows it’s that Inigo really should never be the one in charge of things (though being a crew member with no intentions of ever taking over could work!). The bitterness of it not really easing the grief he still holds. Inigo going home to Spain, letting Yeste know that his mission was complete. Tricksy: half the issues behind Inigo’s downward spiral before he met Vizzini was that he got bored of being so good that he could find no one to challenge him, so what if to keep himself entertained by going out and finding monsters to fight?

Compilation of Final Fantasy VII
Tifa Lockhart (FFVII) Rude (Compilation of FFVII) Yuffie Kisaragi Reno (Compilation of FFVII) Cloud Strife (FFVII) Barret Wallace (FFVII)
I should say that I'm one of the people who really hate Cloud turning into a bundle of angst in the movie when he was getting better (and also dorkier) at the end of the game, even with the disease to explain the change. I'd mostly prefer you stick to just the canon of the original game (Crisis Core is good too, for pre-game stuff).

Shipping Options: Rude/Tifa, Tifa/Barret, Cloud/Reno, Cloud/Tifa, Cloud/Yuffie, Cloud/Barret, Cloud/Tifa/Barret, Tifa/Yuffie could be fun

Tifa: Something about her days of training, becoming strong on her own terms instead of feeling the drive to go out and join Soldier like so many other kids in town. How did her father react to his little girl who he seemed rather protective of learning to punch stuff to death? Or to becoming a guide on the mountain that almost killed her once? I have a soft spot for the concept of an AU where she joined the Turks, girl would rock a suit. Does she ever meet one of her Master’s other students? Or run into Zangan himself again, either after or at some unseen point during the game? Or how about an AU where they never found Cloud and she remained the leader through the endgame? Tricksy: Something dealing with her recovering from the injury Sephiroth gave her. Her early days in Midgar, the fear of being found out as a survivor of Nibelheim.

Rude: How did he get into the Turks to begin with? How much shit does Reno give him about having a crush on the enemy? How did that even start, does he just like the way Tifa fights or did he see her around before he knew they were on opposite sides? Something about his gambling. Something about the differences between working under Rufus and the previous President Shinra. Tricksy: Monsters apparently were a very rare thing until around the time of the Nibelheim incident, what’s it like the first time going on an investigation or being on a bodyguarding mission and suddenly monsters!

Yuffie: Yuffie Kisaragi’s awesome thiefy world-travelling adventures! Growing up with a father who is secretly just as bad as she is. Is the leader of Wutai an inherited position, and if so what will it be like for her to be forced to settle down and take on leaderly responsibilities? Now that things are more peaceful between party members and the remains of Shinra does she feel totally within her rights to show up on Rufus’ doorstep and personally browbeat him into leaving her country alone? Yuffie one of the Gods of the Pagoda (whether taking over for her dad or one of the other levels) beating the snot over anyone who takes up its challenge. Tricksy: Coming across something in her travels that’s way too tough to fight alone. Something set back during the war between Wutai and Shinra, being such a tiny girl watching her country being invaded and falling.

Reno: Most of the prompts for Rude apply for him as well. Common fanon is that’s a former street urchin, it’d be nice to see some different take on his past, anything from just being a totally normal dude who just happened to show potential that drew the Turks to him to his having grown up obscenely wealthy and noping his way away from the expectations that placed on him. Tricksy: He was laid up for a good while after the fight at the top of the Sector 7 pillar, during that time does Hojo ever try to take advantage of having a helpless Turk around to try running some new experiments?

Cloud: Something focusing on his time trying to get into Soldier, the depression of not having what it takes no matter how hard he tried, of his letters home becoming more and more lie than truth because he can’t bring himself to admit that things weren’t going the way he wanted. Post-game, learning to really be comfortable in his own skin for maybe the first time ever. I kind of love the idea of him just hanging up his sword and fully throwing himself into chocobo breeding after everything’s over, the only thing he spends a ridiculous amount of time doing in-game for no other reason (that he knows of anyway, not having player knowledge of hidden materia) than because he just wants to. Trickery: Anything about Hojo’s experiments on him. Are the voices in his head really gone at the end of the game, or does he occasionally have bad days where he falls into Zackhood again despite himself and faint echos of Jenova whisper at him from his cells even though the real force behind them died with the majority of her body?

Barret: Being a father; does he try to teach Marlene about Dyne and her biological mother or does he keep his mouth shut unless she asks about it? Post-game does he ever go back to Corel and try to make things better there now that he’s (if the train is successfully stopped) no longer a pariah, or has he officially washed his hands of his home town? Something in the days of Avalanche before the game, what was he like as a leader before Cloud swooped in and took things over? Was there relief in passing on that burden, or did it bother him more than he showed? A moment spent grieving for Biggs and Wedge and Jessie. Trickery: Being haunted by what happened with Dyne, both before and after he found out the truth about what happened to him. An AU where his and Dyne’s places were switched during the attack on Corel and he was the one who fell, does he go as mad as Dyne did? Post game canon has it that he goes searching for better fuel sources and finds oil, how badly does it hit him down the road when he realizes that’s also horrible for the planet (albeit not as bad as actively draining it’s life).

Fandom:Final Fantasy VI
Setzer Gabbiani (FFVI) Celes Chere Locke Cole Tina Branford | Terra Branford (FFVI) Edgar Roni Figaro Macías "Mash" Rene Figaro | Sabin Rene Figaro
I'm more interested in the World of Ruin period of the game, and the restoration to occur afterwards, than the World of Balance, though I know the WoB might be a better setting for the very sweetest of treats and wouldn't say know to that.

Shipping Options: Sabin/Celes, Setzer/Celes, Celes/Terra, Setzer/Terra Locke/Terra, Edgar/Terra, Edgar/Locke, Locke/Edgar/Terra, Celes/Setzer/Terra

Setzer: Life as a gambling rover before the game. Fanon about Gogo being Daryl; does Setzer himself ever suspect this, and if so how does he react? Something about his scars, or when he got them. How did his infatuation with Maria start and why on earth did he decide kidnapping was a good idea? If he’d gotten the girl he was after would he have actually cared about having her afterward, or was the real thrill in just plotting out how to get her on the Blackjack around everyone trying to stop him? How’d he get into flying in a world where airships weren’t really a thing?

Celes: Early experiments on her to give her her magic knight powers. Fishing for Cid, the one’s she’s sure are healthy so hard to get, never sure if the ones she does grab are good or not, watching him starting to get better then suddenly having a downswing because she fed him the wrong thing (I always prefer to let him live, but feel free to go darker with his death and her suicide attempt after). Something building up her relationship with Cid pregame; while the game is really effective at making you care at the start of the World of Ruin I do always wish there’s been more time to build up their relationship before his life is suddenly in her hands. Crazy coma dreams during the year after the world breaks. The fear and loneliness of first setting out into the World of Ruin with no comrades and no idea where to start looking for everyone, and the intense joy of finding Sabin and Edgar and Setzer and everyone else. Or something where she never finds everyone and the haunting question of ‘What happened to them?’ even after the day’s saved.

Locke: Doing a job that is undeniably 100% thievery and spending the whole time spinning justifications in his mind about how, no, it’s totally just treasure hunting. Happier times with Rachel. How on earth did he even ever hook up with a mad scientist type who could preserve a dead woman for him? The start of his friendship with Edgar, how did a “treasure hunter” become friends with a king?

Terra: Something creepy about her half-esper nature, how she lost her mind to it at first. Something even creepier about having her mind trapped by the slave crown. Something sweet about finding her children one by one, did she decide at once that she wanted to care for them or did she try at first to find them other caretakers? Does she ever miss the esper side of herself even though she’s happier being human, maybe getting rides from Setzer sometimes to get back the feel of flight? Equipping her father’s magicite, the only connection she gets to have to the father she never had a chance to know; does she ever hear Maduin’s voice from it?

Edgar: Something showing his day to day life as king, his people clearly adore him but is that just because he’s a nice guy or does he also rule well and put good policies into effect and otherwise give them reasons beyond just personal affection to like him? Him inventing some new tool to fight with or improvement for his castle. Anything about his year as Edgar; did he choose the cover of being a thief recruiting other great thieves in the hopes that Locke would show up? AU where he was the one to leave instead of Sabin, what would he have done with his life? Or one where he gave into his desire to leave with Sabin, how haunted would he be about having left his father’s kingdom ripe for the taking?

Sabin: Anything about his time in training. Or, what does he do in his time between leaving home and finding Duncan? How often does he think about home and feel guilty about leaving, does he almost ever just turn straight around and run back? Something more in-depth than the game gave us about his horror at finding his master murdered at the hands of his own son? Reverse of Edgar’s AU prompts: what if he’d either been the one who’d stayed to become king, or if he’d gone with his father’s desire to have him and his brother co-rule? Any creepiness from his time on the Phantom Train. Or returning to it after his own death; is it less than happy to be carting around the guy that suplexed it once again?

Fandom:Subarashiki Kono Sekai | The World Ends With You
Hanekoma Sanae Sakuraba Neku (TWEWY) Misaki Shiki (TWEWY)
I know that people have different ideas about how much the other RG characters remember post-game, but if you set it then and have her show up I'd rather Shiki does remember too. It's too depressing to me to have Neku be the one remembering this important part of their lives and how they got to know each other to begin with!

Shipping Options: Hanekoma/Neku, Neku/Shiki

Hanekoma: When did he decide to bring the taboo noise into things? Was the thought in his mind from the moment he heard about Josh’s crazy bet, or did he decide on it when he saw how helpless Neku seemed at first as the focus? Did he kick himself for going through with it when he saw Neku actually starting to get better? Something about him having to face the music about that, whether you go the more serious route of what his bosses Upstairs do or if it’s something about having to face a Neku who’s found the secret reports and realized one of the few people he trusted did that, or even just having to deal with Josh being very sarcastic at him for awhile. Anything about his day to day life outside of the game, whether when he’s running the coffee shop or out doing street art. How’d he get into either of those? Something depressing about watching game after game, seeing so many good people not make it; does it get to him after awhile or, if you want to go creepier, given what he is it he not actually emotionally equipped to care whether players make it or not even as he acts like a nice guy towards them? Does he ever step in to make sure that they don’t, say if a serial killer or someone else they wouldn’t actually want coming back to life pops up in the game or does he have to remain neutral?

Neku: Getting used to life after the game, how hard is it to settle back into things? Now that he knows it’s around does he ever get hints of it running even when he’s no longer in the UG? Give advice when he sees kids with familiar-looking pins stuck all over their clothing inside one of the marked stores? Or have reapers who recognize him ever suddenly just pop up to the RG in front of him to pester him? Is the game a one time only second chance, or might he end up in it again some day, and how much ass does he kick if he does? Something set in the past about the friend he had who apparently died and turned him into the closed off guy he was at the start of the game. What first drew him to CAT’s work

Shiki: What was it like the first time she looked in a mirror and realized she had her best friend’s face? Did she figure it out sooner from the hair and outfit, or did she just never imagine that when they took her face they might have made her look like someone she knew. All the game-related prompts for Neku could be used for her too. Anything about Shiki and fashion, or fashion design, her passion for making people look their best or pulling together some new design. I’m not into fashion myself, but can appreciate her loving it (or tormenting Neku with that love).
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