Mar. 17th, 2012

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It's funny how over time you can start to care less about ficcing weird things.

A while back, when I first discovered [community profile] disney_kink, I wrote a Boo/Sulley (from Monsters Inc.) story for someone, and at the time I was all "Man, I am never ever ever admitting that I wrote an even slightly erotic story featuring someone who was a toddler in canon, even if she is aged-up." Though shipping (aged-up unless it's very innocent) young characters is something I usually don't mind, and major age-gaps are one of my kinks, apparently I draw a line when "young"="all-but preverbal"

Now, about a year-and-a-half later, I reread it on a whim since I couldn't remember the story at all and suddenly "Huh, I actually like this enough not to feel horribly embarrassed. It needs a couple of typos fixed, but... *posts on AO3*"
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Somehow in all these years I never ran into the fact that they designed a full set of Gil coins for Spira. Aw, 100 gil has a chocobo on it.

And suddenly I feel so very sorry for Tidus, Yuna, and co for how much money I usually have them carting around by the end of the game. That's gotta suck in a world without paper currency. The strange things you run into while anally comparing characters hair colors for a throw-away line in a ficlet. (Results of this research: the character whose hair color is closest to Lulu's? Seymour's mom, oddly enough. Everyone else with really dark hair tends to be a touch browner or greyer than true black.)

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