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Man, I feel like shit today which sucks. I had to call in to work today which sucks even worse; I was really hoping I wouldn't have to do that until I'd been around a lot longer than a month and a half, so it would be clear I'm not the type of person who calls in over every little thing. What's especially annoying is that the problem is I've managed to food poison myself and I know what I ate to do it and I know I should have known better. Blargh.
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Most of my fanfiction is only at at my account here but there are a couple (Final Fantasy VI, Touch the Sky, Final Fantasy XII, Engaging Correspondence, and Final Fantasy X, Strong Like the Mountain) that are only at my AO3 account here.
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I usually don't post about amvs I make here (actually, I don't think I ever have), but Premiere gave me so much trouble with this one that I decided "Grr, I deserve to pimp this around a little after the trouble I had with it."

So! I made Homestuck AMV to the song Dead Hearts by Stars. Enjoy, if you think you might! (Even if you don't know Homestuck, you might want to check it out just for the song if you've never heard it before; it's a pretty one.)
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Finally bothered importing my livejournal over here, just 'cause I was starting to fill out the inkingitout introduction, got to the bit about what's in my journal, and was like '...Uh, one fic that I had to keep on DW for a week before I could post it somewhere else; I only use it for a few challenge communities' and figured I might as well get around to changing that.
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Man, I have such a craving for no-bakes, but I'm out of butter and there's no way in hell that I'm braving a store on Christmas Eve.

Maybe I'll just make them without and accept the fact that the end product will be oaty chocolate and peanut buttery mush. The taste should still be pretty much the same, it just won't firm up into cookies as it cools without the butter. (Too bad I also don't have any chocolate chips or baking chocolate, or I could work around the problem a little by leaving out some of the cocoa powder and melting in some of them to harden up when it chills.
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I've got both my holiday exchange gift stories written and posted, yay! Thank goodness I got it done now, because I only have one other day off before their due dates and wouldn't have looked forward to trying to cram in time to finish them off. *g*

Their both shorter than I wanted, but that's how it goes when you're pushing up on a deadline, alas. Now that I know there's no way I'll end up defaulting I might try to flesh them out a bit more and post longer versions before the deadline if I can, but I'd kind of rather work on yuletide treats so that might not happen, at least for my yuletide fic. The other isn't revealed until after Christmas, so I might manage that one. *g*
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Yay, I found a job in the area I moved to! It's just cashiering at a hardware store, but in this economy anything that puts some money in the bank is fine by me.
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I just uploaded a bunch of my old Yuletide stories into AO3, but I didn't notice until I was almost done that when you import them it automatically fills in the name of the recipient. Not such a big deal, except that the people who have those names there aren't necessarily the same people who had them in the original Yuletide archive. I hope I'm not going to disappoint anybody who notices they have a gift they weren't expecting listed for their account only to find it's for some fandom they've never heard of.

(Especially if what they find is my bizarre noir black comedy commercial cereal mascot slashy murder thingy. I'm pretty sure a lot of people would side-eye me pretty hard for that one! Luckily the recipient's name for that one is unique enough that it's probably the right person.)
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Man, sometimes I wish I could go back in time and choose a different ficcing pseudonym for myself. I don't actually know what I'd want to pick--I like being Person! There's something about having a name that doesn't tell you a thing about me until you sit down and read one of my stories that appeals to me--but damn does having such a generic name make it difficult to self-google if I want to see if I can find any recs for any of my stories.
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Today is going to be the first time I've spent Thanksgiving with my extended family since 2008, which was a little surprising to realize. In 2009 I spent it in the hospital with my mom, then last year my dad came up here (he usually lives in Kentucky, and my brothers and I are in Michigan) to spent time with us since Mom died and it would have been awfully awkward to have him come to dinner with mom's family so I just stayed home and made a full Thanksgiving dinner for the four of us.

I remember that in 2008 I was asked to make dessert for everyone, and I wanted to make something special so I stayed up all night trying to make this fancy thing that just went completely wrong on every step after the first. It ended up tasting delicious, but looked incredibly ugly.

I was so sleep deprived and stressed out about everything that could go wrong going wrong (while still resulting in an edible product) that when my mom came before we head up to the family's and I showed it to her I ended bursting into tears. I think that's the last time she ever really hugged me; I have pretty major touch issues, and while I can be the one giving a hug I usually get tense and twitchy if someone else initiates one and she understood that. That time was one of the rare times when it did just give me comfort instead of making me horribly uncomfortable; I let her keep hugging me for a few minutes, and after I calmed down she told me that (along with the fact that I was crying in front of her in the first place, I also don't generally let people see me cry) let her know just how upset I had to be.

Now it's a happy memory, in spite of what a wreck sleep deprivation had turned me into, but the type of happy that makes me get all teary-eyed and wibbly for a few minutes when I think about it these days.
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I'm so happy that what looks like it'll be Yuletide's major fandom this year is one I actually watch and am interested in. Most years the big fandom is something I don't know a thing about, so I'll see the big number of stories in it and all the recs being left for them and feel a little sad that I'm missing out.

I'm even happier that it's a femslash request heavy fandom. That, like, never happens!
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Going down the list of people's definitely nominated fandoms, I'm surprised at how few things I'm interested in offering for [ profile] yuletide this year. I'm sure there are a ton of people who didn't stop by the livejournal community to tell everyone their nominations so there might be a ton more I'd be willing to offer when I see the full list, but out of the two-thousand-odd fandoms people have listed I'm not even going to hit the maximum of ten potential offers.

A big part of the problem is that I've fallen behind on a lot of ongoing series that I would have happily offered a year ago and don't have the time to catch up on them in time for this year. Or I'd love to write for them but it's been long enough that I'd need to do a canon review, and again I don't have time for that unless it's short enough that I could cram it into an afternoon. After knocking those things off the list most of what's left that I know well enough to be comfortable offering it are things that I've been assigned before in Yuletide's past, and I prefer doing different things every year so I don't nominate them again.

Luckily there are a couple I'm able to offer 'Any' in or I'd be a little worried about my ability to be matched, since I'm also pretty picky about what characters I offer in most fandoms.
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I'm gonna try to deal with my 'Gah, [ profile] yuletide, start already (or even just give a day that you're pretty sure it won't start before) so I can stop staying up too late F5ing my friends list just in case' twitchiness by writing my Dear Writer a little early, since I've gotten my requests all sorted out and I'm sure none of them are so large that they'll be weeded out during nominations. As always, you can go right ahead and ignore this if you're not my assigned writer, but if you want to peek at what I'm requesting feel free.
Dear Yuletide Writer )
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I managed to pull a muscle in my leg today, ouch. For a little while earlier today I could just stretch it mostly straight out below me when I was walking without it hurting too badly but I couldn't move it back as I stepped forward at all, but luckily it's started feeling close enough to normal that as long as I keep my knee slightly bent while I'm walking (which I'm not doing a lot off; I will be going gentle on my leg for the next few days).
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Man, nominations are so close I really need to get around to working out what I want to request for [ profile] yuletide. The only thing I'm sure I'll be putting down is Back to the Future, and that's only settled since when I didn't request it last year I decided I would this year and obviously nothing's bumped it off the list, Maybe Lilo and Stitch? I have a weird love for Cobra Bubbles/Nani and lord knows there aren't many other chances to read that.

I am seriously considering going the route that would seem super bizarre compared to the types of fandoms I'm usually into and requesting the new Adult Swim show(/old internet shorts) China, IL. There's this blink and you'll miss it exchange between two characters where one's immediate response to finding out about a new rule banning premarital sex is to offer to marry the other and he doesn't react in any way surprised by the proposal though he puts off answering (or you could take his reply as giving her a yes but wanting to focus on other things first instead of getting married 'right now' like she asked) even though they aren't generally portrayed as love interests, and even though I know the writers must just have meant it as a quick joke you aren't meant to think too hard about I find it weirdly fascinating.

(And it certainly doesn't hurt that they hit my age-gap kink, though I don't think it's supposed to be as big of one as I'd usually go to for that.)
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Oh, hey, since I made everyone on my friends page look at the FMV for it, I should probably actually post a link to my big bang fic here, shouldn't I? *g*

Clockwork Little Happiness
Fandom: Homestuck
Pairing: Primarily Aradia/Equius
Rating: M
At age thirteen Aradia Megido's life is destroyed, but in the process she gains powers she never would have imagined. With nothing else to do with herself she decides to use those powers to become the superheroine The Maid of Time... a heroine who soon catches the eye of Equius Zahhak, a wealthy young businessman who's spent his life hiding powers of his own.

And it's AU enough from the canon that you can read it as original fiction even if you've never read Homestuck, the only thing you'll really be missing out on is not recognizing who I'm talking to when I make glancing references to characters who don't actually show up in the story.
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I put this FST together to go with my story for [ profile] god_tier, the Homestuck Big Bang. Unfortunately the library computer I'm on won't let me unzip folders, so I can't pull out the cover artwork to put up here. Oh well!

Song list is under the cut, but I don't recommend going through it until you've read the story. Spoilers abound!

The FST Songlist )

Link to the .zip!
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Isn't it nice, and also kind of annoying, when a problem that's been bothering the hell out of you turns out to have an incredibly simple and easy solution?

For the past few weeks my computer has been totally freezing up a few times a day, and nothing I'd try to do to fix it would ever work for long; for a little while it would work for a few hours, then the time it lasted would get less and less until I would only have a few minutes after turning it on before it froze.

Obviously, I was very worried that my computer was about to die on me when I'm in no financial state to get a new one!

But I've been keeping an eye on what things I could do that it would get through without ever freezing at all and what would make it choke up right away and today it finally hit me that it only happened when it was connected to the internet. So I pulled out my modem, cleaned it off, and popped it back in a different slot for good measure and it's been working perfectly well ever since. Hooray for surprisingly easy answers!
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I'm moving later today, and it's funny how the closer I get to totally packed up the more I go "Gahh, so much stuff to pick through!" Getting things boxed up over the past couple of weeks has been pretty easy, since it's mostly just been "Throw everything in boxes!"

But now I'm at the last minute stage where everything I definitely want without even needing to stop and think about it is packed up but I need to wander around shifting through everything I plan to donate or throw away to make sure I haven't forgotten anything I want among them and I can barely stand it for five minutes at a time before I start going "Blahhhhh, this is borrrrring why can't I be done yet?"
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I just managed to burn the hell (scattered all the way from just above my wrist to the middle of my upper arm, and around about half its circumference, the most solid section about an inch thick and a little bit shorter than the length of my hand) out of my arm with hot oil making tortillas. Fun.

All first degree, thankfully, except maybe one tiny second degree patch; I can't tell for sure yet if I've formed a blister there or if it's just a swollen place that's a little bit higher than the rest. Update: yup, it's blistering. But well within the size where you can treat it as a minor burn and don't need to get to the doctor.