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Hi there! Thank you in advance for writing for me, and I hope that any of my prompts will work for you.

First things first, I know my AO3 account looks suspiciously socky but that's just because I was switching over to the username I use most often elsewhere these days but don't really write much anymore. If you want to see the rest of my stuff my older AO3 name was Person (not that that's hard to find looking back through my journal).

I generally prefer lighter fic, fluff and comedy and happy things, but don't feel that you need to force your fic in that direction. I will ask that if you can please aim for an ending that is happy, or at least hopeful. An unrelenting angst parade down into unending misery without any light at all really is not my thing. If you want to write darkfic I'm much more open to horror than angst, especially in Mystery Inc. or Undertales where the canons lend themselves as well to it as to anything happy.

Pairings-wise, if a pairing I mentioned doesn't work for you I'd much rather you write gen than try to force it. But I would prefer that you don't write any pairing that I don't mention in my letter unless you get in touch with the mods to ask if I'm open to it. But if there are any other characters you want to work in non-shippily that I didn't request feel free to do so! And, in all of these requests you have my permission not to use all the characters requested if you don't want.

Genre-wise, I'm not generally a fan of major AUs or crossovers. By "major" AUs I mean things like high school or modern day AUs, where the characters are transposed into a hugely different setting. I'm more open to AUs exploring how the story's world and the character's places in it would be different if some event in it's history were changed. I'd also really rather not get something that's pure porn, I don't read that much porny fic to begin with and would generally rather get plot or character introspection over sex (although the story containing sex is fine! I'd just rather in not be a total PWP fic). I like futurefic as long as it's not purely focused on the characters being domestic with kids or, especially, pregnancy (I don't mind them having kids, I just get bored by futurefic that focuses totally on the characters' being parents).

I like both plotty and character-centric stories (or character-centric plot!). I like missing scenes fic. Not a big fan of canon scenes from a different viewpoint unless you can do it in a way that really twists how the original scene is viewed. I'll admit that I love catching little references to canon sprinkled into a story, nods to previous episodes or quests or whatnot. I'm a massive fan of families of choice; being a person who didn't have the most ideal family myself choosing to turn away from blood relations that make them unhappy and embracing a family they've found for themself. This can be to any degree, like I wouldn't expect Cucumber to cut Almond out of his life if he stopped contact with Cabbage, but I'd be fine with Frisk totally leaving behind any human family for Toriel.

Shipping-wise I prefer either a slow build or something where the characters have feelings for each other (even if they don't necessarily know the other one does yet) at the start, stories where the characters go from never having thought of each other that way to instant wuv, twu wuv, knock me right out of them. No a/b/o dynamics please.

Please, no rape or major uncanon character death. (Sans remembering deaths that didn't happen in that particular timeline is fine.)

All requests contain major canon spoilers. Requests are in alphabetical order, not any indication of desire.

Cucumber Quest
Nightmare Knight, Rosemaster, Princess Parfait, Cucumber

Okay, first of all my preferences totally make the creator of the comic cry, because I ship Nightmare Knight with any of the others I nominated (Cucumber a few years down the line, assuming a good ending where NK doesn't get sealed away again). Friendship them all too! I also, on the more crackshippy side, like the idea of Rosemaster/Parfait if they ever actually got to hang out together. Take that as you will.

I'll start with my most overly specific prompt, to prompt bunny you or be ignored quickly, either way. When Rosemaster made her joke about Cucumber's group mistaking her for the princess if she didn't evil up her image before the final battle I got this idea that she could have won things for Nightmare Knight by doing exactly that: kidnap Nautilus still so she can't mess things up, brainwash everyone else into thinking Cuco had already defeated the eeeeevil~ Rosemaster and that she was the princess they'd rescued, she signs the sword herself before they run off to "free" Nautilus, shifts everyone's memories one more time so they all (including the princess herself) remember Dahlia being the one who signed it, then bugger off to hang out with Nightmare Knight, Parfait, and the rest and wait for Cuco to discover he can't draw the sword when the time comes. But I totally don't feel comfortable enough with the character voices to do it myself, so if you wanted to run with that AU that would be fun! Honestly, I'd be more interested in the Rosemaster bumming around with the Caketown Castle group then the set-up. Maybe with the ultimate realization that, yeah, any other cycle she would have totally won the day with this one, but Cucumber doesn't really want to draw it to start with.

Okay, now less "run with my random AU"ey tropes! I'd love anything about Princess Parfait's or Cucumber's attempts to befriend Nightmare Knight, and his less and less hidden smooshy dorky side. Something where Cuco gets to speak with Rosemaster privately and has much more luck with his peacemaking attempts with her than any of the others so far, except she loves (platonically or not) Nightmare Knight too much to betray him. Though maybe they could at least reach a tentative "I'm not going to let you know who the princess is to get her name on your weapon, but I won't hurt anyone in the Flower Kingdom" truce. Or after Glitch reveals the truth to her, and she realizes that she actually can make peace with this kid and not keep fighting to destroy the world (and not Cuco has a tremendously powerful hocus crocused ally). Something set in the next cycle, if there is one, with Rosemaster having her confrontation with NK about what he's been doing. Cucumber and Parfait getting to hang out, and trade fond stories of Carrot dorkery (Cuco trying to convince her that when she inherits the throne she should totally fire his dad, seriously, he's awful?) AU or futurefic where Cucumber actually got to go to magic school, you can either go the whole Hogwarts-style story route or have it NK's resurrection happen a few years later so Cuco's gotten some magical chops as he goes through everything. Futurefic of Parfait stepping up as leader once people stop needing to worry about NK, Cordelia, and the Disaster Masters wrecking everything. Does she make sure that in her kingdom, at least, the legend of the Nightmare Knight that gets passed down through the generations is that he's actually a decent fellow and they should trying making peace with him if he pops up again? Keep an eye on the Legendary Hero line and make sure they know the same thing? Something about Nightmare Knight's or Rosemaster's encounters with past Legendary Heroes, or their memories of them contrasting with Cucumber. Maybe one of them faked trying to reach a truce to attack while NK's guard was down, which makes him more wary of Cuco's good nature? Happy ending fic where everyone comes together for one giant sleepover!

The Goblin Emperor
Maia Drazhar, Deret Beshelar

I would love it if you could write me some Beshelar/Maia. I shipped them all through the book, every damned time Beshelar was obviously discomfited with Maia being Not What An Emperor Should Be (also, one of the few things I knew about the book going it was that one of his bodyguards would betray him at some point, and I kept going 'Oh please don't be Beshelar, pleeeaaaaase don't be Beshelar, let this be cute and not a prelude to something horrible'), and then at the end when he becomes so flustered about landing on Maia after saving him my heart went all mushy. Maia after developing a crush on him coming to the freeing realization that this is a relationship he could actually pursue in private, something he could have all to himself, even if he can only do so in the few hours a night when Beshelar is his only guard.

Maia still not doing anything for a good while because he realizes how unbearably awkward it would be if he made a move and was turned down but still had to spend half his life with Beshelar? Or being absolutely terrified that if anything did happen between them it would be because Beshelar felt like he couldn't turn down advances from his emperor? Beshelar being interested in Maia at the same time but also not making a move because this is his emperor, and it is so not his place to do anything of the sort, and no. Maia and Csethiro get married and Beshelar is very careful not to be the one on guard duty whenever they might be having intimate relations because he doesn't want to watch and Maia is very careful never to initiate relations when Beshelar is guarding because he doesn't want the person he's actually interested in around when he's doing what's his duty, and the other guards and Csethiro are watching this all 'For goodness sake, you two, will you just talk it out and then get into bed together already?" Awkward virgin Maia expecting Beshelar to take the lead in bed and Beshelar being all 'khjdskjhsdgkhjasdgkj Serenity' it is not his place to bang that boy like a screen door in a hurricane.

Non-shippily, how did Beshelar feel being chosen to escort Maia to his vigil. It must have been a surprise and considering how aware Beshelar is of Maia's image and how un-emperorly he acts, especially in those early days, you'd think he'd at least afterwards have made some comment about how Maia shouldn't have done that, but he never does. Is it from happiness or pride that Maia would have faith him him to symbolically guide him into his reign? Or, really, Beshelar's inner thoughts on anything Maia does, even as he continues to huff about propriety is he privately coming around to the idea that maybe Maia's way is better than that of the cold and distant emperors of the past?

Radiant Historia
Stocke, Heiss, Eruca

Anything about this sad fucked up family. Past fic about how things were in the days before Heiss took off, was there ever a time when they even vaguely resembled a normal family, or is Granorg's royal family so messed up that even when things were "good" the relationships between them were off? Or something about when Heiss took Ernst. Did he ever even consider rescuing Eruca too? What was it like for Heiss watching Ernst have no memory? Was being Stocke's mentor enough of a substitution for him, or were there ever weird moments (in Stocke's eyes) when he forgot himself and acted more parental?

Stocke and Eruca discussing Heiss after the good ending, what he did for Stocke, how does that effect the way they feel when they think of him? Something about Eruca after the game, becoming the leader Granorg needs. Does she maybe form a connection with Garland to learn from him how to prepare her country to survive when the desert rolls in so she can try to keep the wars from starting again once the current sacrifice stops holding it back? Stocke working from within Alistel to soften the people's perceptions of Queen Eruca and make the peace process easier? Stocke and Eruca working together to try to find a new solution for the desertification so their family can be free of the ritual; Stocke being Stocke it probably wouldn't take him too long to check in with the scientist growing his cronuts and find out he might be onto something they could provide support to.

Or something exploring Stocke's early days as Stocke. How was this life created for him? What sort of memories does he have of life when he was younger, is it all just a blank but he just doesn't care about having amnesia to ever talk about it in-game? (I'll admit it's been a few years since I played the game, though I've just started replaying, so he might have brought up what he does or doesn't remember about having a childhood and I just forgot it.) Was joining the army his own choice and Heiss just ran with it, was Heiss the one who pushed him into it to begin with, or would Heiss have actually preferred it if he'd just lived a life of peace?

I ship Stocke/Eruca (and I'd be interested to see Heiss/Stocke too), but you definitely don't need to go there at all if you can't get behind and incestuous pairing. I also usually have Stocke go back to being Ernst after the good ending, in honor of Heiss rather than because he actually feels a connection to his past life, but that's also totally optional if you're writing post-game.

Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorporated
Fred Jones, Fred Jones Sr.

Mystery Inc. was the first version of the franchise apart from A Pup Named Scooby Doo that I ever got into, and my very favorite part of it was Fred and his father's complicated relationship. How Mayor Jones obviously really viewed Fred as his son, in spite of how he got him, even trying to help out with Fred's relationship with Daphne because he wanted grandchildren for goodness sake! How he was able to hold onto a scrap of goodness in his heart even after decades under the influence of the Nibiru Entity out of love for his son, how after watching Brad and Judy be corrupted within a few months to the point that they no longer care about each other or Fred it becomes obvious what a huge thing it was in the season one finale that Mayor Jones chose the life of his son over the planispheric disc pieces when his good side's been locked away so much longer. Fred's gradual realization and eventual acceptance in season two that even if Mayor Jones only became his father via kidnapping he was still the man he saw and cared about as his dad. It's a rare enough thing for media to accept adoptive parents as just as "real" as biological parents even when they're a perfectly loving family, it's amazing that a kid's show would do that when the adoptive parent is a kidnapping jackass.

So, I said in my letter last year that the one thing which really bugs me in the series finale was that after the whole storyline between the two of them Fred Jones Sr. wasn't Freddie's father in the supposedly perfect world. Last year I got fix-it fic for that, so this year I think I'll instead ask for something focusing on Fred dealing with that instead. Having all his memories of the other world and suddenly being expected to just act like Brad and Judy are the only parents he's ever had after he'd finally accepted no-longer-Mayor Jones as his dad in spite of all his faults. Being called by the last name Chiles. Something with him completely failing to just treat Coach Jones as his coach instead of his father. Does Coach Jones suspect something bad is going down in the Chiles home for their son to suddenly be latching onto him in a way he never has before?

But more "Fred Sr. adopted Freddie in that world without any kidnapping involved" fix-it fic would also be welcome! Or, what if Coach Jones actually decides to try to run for mayor in the world too due to Fred's talking about it, how different would he be when in charge without all the Nibiru corruption? I'd also be interested in anything set in the original world showing Mayor Jones coming for view and care for this kid as his son, or something where defeating the Nibiru Entity didn't reset the world and we see Fred awkwardly trying to reconnect with his dad while he's in prison. Getting married to Daphne in the visitor's area so his dad can be at the wedding? I should say that for all that I'm a giant fan of their messed up relationship I am fully aware of how scummy Mayor Jones was in the original world, I wouldn't want you to make him not be a jackass if you're writing something in the original world.

Sun Bak, Kala Dandekar, Rajan Rasal

I'm afraid for this one what I really want is something based on my own weird headcanons, but this particular mix of characters is weird enough that you probably only matched on this if you read my letter and were interested in it yourself. (If you matched on "Any" I am very very sorry.)

So, I've got this theory that once she starts connecting with Kala more often Sun will fall in love with Rajan. The way he treats Kala is so completely the opposite of the way the men in Sun's life have always treated her; he has that whole speech about wanting to wear wedding bands so it will be clear to the world that he's connected to Kala where Sun's father did his best to pretend to the world that she didn't exist, he values Kala's thoughts and opinions when Sun only became valued as a tool to keep her brother out of trouble, everything about the way he acts would have to be a giant draw to a woman who was always treated like next to nothing.

On the one hand having someone sharing her head who does love him would make it easier for Kala to marry and try to have a happy life with Rajan, and through her Sun would get to experience being married to a man she loves. On the other, Kala would surely feel bad that it wasn't her own feelings she was offering him and Sun would always know that even if she got to watch him dote on her through Kala's eyes she wouldn't really be the object of his affection regardless of how much she feels like she is when they're connected.

I would really love anything at all along those lines. Something focused on Sun falling for him. Girl-talk between her and Kala about what the hell to do with these feelings. Something from Rajan's POV about how Kala's personality changes sometimes when Sun's hovering near the surface. Kala opening up to him about the whole cluster thing, that there is a Korean woman who loves him, and would he be open to at least talking to her directly through Kala so they could get to know each other? Sun gets out of prison and Kala invites her to fly out to India and they can give polyamory a try?

But if you do not want to write this nonsense, I'd welcome anything with these characters. Sun and Kala are my very favorites, so give them some more cluster time together? Kala teaching Sun how to arrange a terrible "accident" with cleaning chemicals in her brother's home, isn't it so sad that he never learning how to clean up after himself properly and mixed things that he shouldn't have? Sun becoming more proactive about trying to get herself out of prison after her father's death; he's apparently already been speaking to officials involved with her case about the truth so can she get them to pay attention to a dead man's words or are they happy just to sweep her under the table? Kala going through with her marriage with Rajan and learning that she can be happy with him even if it isn't really the love match her family thought it was on her end. Kala actually talking to Rajan about the fact that she doesn't love him the way that he loves her and whether they want to try to make things work between them anyway. Be kind to Rajan even if they break up please, I really loved that from beginning to end the show treated him as a genuinely good and caring man, when it is so common in fiction to "solve" a love triangle like the one between Wolfgang, Kala, and Rajan with "Then it turns out that the guy she was with to start with was secretly a dick all along even if he seemed nice at first, so it's fine to dump him!".

Frisk, Papyrus, Sans

First off, female Frisk please.

Some years after the good ending of the game, once she's old enough to actually understand what she's doing, Frisk tries to get Papyrus to date her again. Successfully or not is up to you, though I would prefer if she does if it doesn't squick you out. Monsters live longer than humans (well, we know the goat royals do at any rate), to Papyrus does it seem that hardly any time has passed since their first date and she seems to be doing the equivalent of continuing to throw herself at him right after he tried turning her down gently? Is her reaction all "Okay, but, I was a little kid then, do you really not see how I've changed since then, can't you give me a chance to show you I have?" Do their friends get involved to matchmake? Just think about hilariously awful the monsters (major characters or not) trying to play matchmaker would be!

(Ages-wise I should mention I see them as closer in age than most people seem to, going by fanart. I see lots of fanart where Frisk is practically a toddler, but I assume she's around 11-12 because I assume she's around the same age as As appears in his normal state, which seems around that to me too, she has no trouble reading of the historical info, she strikes me as older than Monster Boy who seems 8-9ish to me, and especially because much younger and she would have had a hard time ever getting out of town without being stopped to get to the top of the mountain to start with. Meanwhile Papyrus strikes me as being the monster equivalent of in his mid-late teens. However, I'm also all about May-December relationships, so you're welcome to go with whatever amount of age gap you want.)

Then Sans. With his memories of timelines where she was a dirty brother killer (but none where she was outright genocidal towards monsters, please, don't want the specter of her still being possessed to be hanging about). He's willing to be friends with her, he's willing to watch her go on her one single "date" with Papyrus knowing that nothing will come of it, but how does he handle watching this girl who he knows has murdered his brother before and might do so again if they ever loop back again trying to actually have a serious relationship with him? Or, alternately, knowing her as a Frisk who's murdered plenty of other people but never Papyrus (because I know for me, at least, one of the reasons I'd never be able to do a genocide run is because there's no way I could bring myself to hurt that dork), is it creepy for him to realize that Papyrus might only have been safe from her because she had a crush on him even back then?

Or what about Frisk herself? Does she remember those timelines, or does she lose those memories once she's free of Chara's influence? Being interested in Papyrus while at the same time remembering killing him in the past could be a real mindfuck. Ha, maybe she and Sans could get together for a little you/I are a potentially terribly person who's not good enough for my/your brother party. Does she know she wasn't really in control of her own actions at that time?

If they do get together I'd rather they not have spent much time together in the years between the end of the game and the time Frisk starts courting him. I like the "holy shit, they've grown up attractive to me" trope when there's a gap between the older character knowing the younger when they were small and meeting them again when they're all grown up, but find it creepy when they're together the whole time. Papyrus has a whole world to explore and play assistant ambassador in to eat up his time and Frisk has a goat-mom to be raised by! Or a human family to reconcile with! Or an orphanage to make peace with! Or whatever you want her life on the surface to be like.

Though epistolary fic during that time could be fun. Maybe getting letters from Papyrus about everything he experiences while exploring the human world could be what makes Frisk develop a crush on him to begin with? Or if you don't want to write skeleton-human romance the two of them playing penpals could still be fun! Or Frisk introducing the skelebros to fun things on surface world. Or the other way around, watching the skelebros experience surface life and spending time with them as they do it making Frisk learn to appreciate the world she'd presumably been willing to leave behind when she climbed that mountain.

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