Sep. 18th, 2016

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Hello there, and thank you in advance for the trickery or treat-giving to come!

Before anything else, let me just say, in case assignments go out before I get home from work tomorrow and finish it, that because I signed up at almost the last minute right now this letter is still a work in progress other than the entries I could copy from last year and the first couple sections I was able to write before bed. Edit: Everything except Umineko is now complete, and nobody offered to create for that so I can at least be sure you have something for what we matched on (though I will be updating that part to, for anyone who wants to treat it, it's just gonna be a long section since there's a bunch of characters so I wanted to get everything else up first)! Sorry again for how long it took, life kept being lifey on me.

I tried to give you a wide range of things to work with, so hopefully one of the things I asked for works for you! I might have more to say about some characters than others but please don’t think that would mean I’d be unhappy to get something about anyone else; if I asked for a character I very much want to see more of them I just don’t necessarily have specific plots in mind.

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